We offer services to small enterprises but also   free activites, societies, people who manage bussines books. Accounting and other services we do in team, in our bussines offices, with full professionalism and discretion.

Accounting services are performed in accordance with Accounting Law, Croatian Financial Reporting Standards , Value Added Tax, Personal and Corporate Income Tax regulations and other regulations that govern accounting and financial activity in Croatia and of course in accordance with our clients’ accounting policies.

We carry out the bussines with modern IT software solutions, and business issues in contacts with customers – by phone, fax, on-line data transfer or direct. We comunicate on Croatian, English  and Italian.

Accounting services include:

Bookkeeping services – balance sheet, general ledger ,  analytic records,

-value added tax calculations   – incoming invoices control, VAT calculations, prescribed VAT records , tax authority adjustments

-foreign trade activities and foreign payment registers management (control books)

-calculation of production   at producting companies

-calculation of depreciation

-calculation of payments and benefits for employees (calculation of work agreement  -payroll calculation services)

Drafting of the reports:

- annual financial reports according to Croatian legislation

- 3-monthly financial reports according to Croatian standards

- draftnig of special reports according to client needs

Bussines  services

- clients’ registration with tax authority (VAT system registration)

-documents’ deliveries to client offices, banks, tax authority, Financial Agency (FINA), Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO), Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance (HZMO) and to other regulatory bodies

- payment operation services (in accordance with clients)

-participation and assists the tax authorities and other bodies in the  supervisory procedure

-timely informing customers about changes related to the specifics of their business

- administrative services

-other bussines services towards client demands