All companies nowadays  need various  types of consulting service.

We have divided our consulting services into following categories:

Start up  consulting

Start up  consulting can help you establish your company  efficiently with fewer expenses .We can also help you organize the accounting and financial segments of your company and provide full package of consulting  services .

-establish  company (legal and financial aspect)

-choice of the most favourable form of business (trade, ltd. and similar)

-establishing of business relationship with banks, institutions

business consulting to discover pros and cons of starting the business in region

-tax payments planning – legal and tax advices to help you establish and register new company which will suit your business targets best, and minimize taxes and contributions in a future period

-create business plan and other documents needed for loan or other business implementation

-help you to start your business as quickly as possible by filling all forms to get all needed licenses

-once you decide to switch to something else we’ll help you to quickly liquidate your company

Tax consulting  include:

-consulting related to tax regulations – VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Tax Representation and Tax Planning support

-support with incentives, government grants and tax reliefs

Other consulting services:

-consulting  related to clients’ business activity

-investment consulting (business plans , investment studies ) creating of a professional business plan

-making of credit demands and investment elaborates