Our team

Who are we?

ALIDA VIŠKOVIĆ, MA of economics

Alida  is founder, consultant  and chief accountant of Urbico .

Personal data:

Name: Alida Višković

Email: alida@urbico-savjetovanje.hr

Phone number:++ 385 98 772 958

Education: MA of economics  (BSEc)

Job Experiences:

2003 – today  URBICO ,  founder,  owner  ;  accounting  and   conusulting
1999.  Veritas  Turist Agency     Labin, – Head of Agency

1994-1998 – Štedno Kreditna  Zadruga  Veritas-Višković     (Credit Union Veritas-Višković)- adminstrator

Foreign Languages Knowledge:

German  - communicatively (not business level)

Skills and Abilities

Court Appraiser

Consultant  BAS


GORDANA  KOŠARA  LICUL  executive  business & life coach , NLP

Personal data:

Name: Gordana  Košara  Licul

Email: gordana@urbico-savjetovanje.hr

Phone number: ++ 385 91 5243 777

Education:  high  school

Job Experiences:

2012-today  Urbico

Long part of her career she spent in  varios companies   and non profit  organisations . She has been working   in varios   fields :   public sector, tourism, real estate, services, trade, non profit organization

Foreign Languages Knowledge:

English , German  communicatively

Skills and Abilities

Executive coach Certification

NLP  master

Public  Procurement  Certification

Activ member of ABEONA,  Pula  (non profit organisation  )


DORIS  GRIPARIĆ, bookkeeper

Personal data:

Name: Doris  Griparić

Email: doris@urbico-savjetovanje.hr

Phone number:++ 385  52 881 150

Education: gymnasium

Job Experiences:

The  biggest part  of her career  she spent  in  performing     bookkeeping   jobs  in varios companies .

Foreign Languages Knowledge:

English , Italian communicatively